Applications of the Biodesy Delta

Because the Biodesy Delta provides direct insight into structural changes and their functional consequences, it is being used to gain new insight into biomolecular interactions across a wide variety of applications in drug discovery and basic research.


Secondary Screening

The Biodesy Delta can be used for secondary screening to characterize compounds of interest, such as those identified in previous large-scale screens. Potential hits from such screens must be confirmed, and the combination of structural and functional information provided by the Biodesy Delta can be critical in prioritizing follow up work.


Primary Screening

The Biodesy Delta can be used for primary screening to find and characterize novel interaction partners in one step. With throughput up to thousands of samples per day, the Biodesy Delta can be used for a wide range of screens, even when no other effective assay exists.


Basic Research

The Biodesy Delta can be used to study nearly any biomolecule, regardless of molecular weight or structure, and nearly any interaction, from small fragments to large protein complexes. The Biodesy Delta is automated and easy to use, so every scientist can get information on his or her biological molecule of interest.