Biodesy has developed a novel optical platform to rapidly measure structural changes of biological molecules in real time, based on a phenomenon called second-harmonic generation (SHG). By changing conformation, proteins and other biological molecules modulate function, interact with different molecules, and participate in multiple molecular pathways. Therefore, characterizing these changes provides significant insights into how different biomolecules function and respond to drug candidates. By combining what’s known about a drug target’s native biology with SHG-based detection of structural changes, we can build high-throughput, robust assays to directly screen for compounds that induce functionally relevant structural changes in challenging targets of interest.

Biodesy, Inc. was founded in 2013 by Joshua Salafsky, PhD, based on technology and intellectual property developed in 2000. Our investors include 5AM Ventures, Pfizer Ventures, Roche Venture Fund, and Alexandria Venture Investments.  Our headquarters are located in South San Francisco, California.