Biodesy Launches Only Real-Time, High-Throughput System for Measuring Protein Conformational Change

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Biodesy, Inc., a next-generation protein analysis company, today announced the global availability of its Biodesy Delta System for measuring conformational change. Biodesy and several of its customers will showcase the new system and present recent data at the Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening Annual Meeting on January 24-27, 2016 in San Diego.

Conformational changes in protein structure cause changes in protein function. However, measuring these changes had previously been impractical. The Biodesy Delta System is the first and only product to enable researchers to distinguish functionally and clinically relevant changes in real time and high throughput. This revolutionary technology has the potential to accelerate drug discovery and transform our understanding of how proteins function.

The Biodesy Delta System includes hardware, software, and consumables. This innovative product combines advanced optics, automated 384-well plate processing, and a simple workflow to enable scientists to generate large-scale data on protein structural change with the ease of use of a straightforward biochemical assay.

Key Biodesy Delta System features:

  • Ability to measure sub-Angstrom conformational changes of target protein in real time under physiological conditions
  • High throughput 384 well based instrument with automated liquid handling
  • Amenable to any protein target regardless of mass
  • Easy to use software for assay set up and analysis

“We are excited to launch the Biodesy Delta System, building on our success in using our unique platform to provide commercial services to our initial customers, including seven of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies,” said Greg Yap, CEO of Biodesy. “We have now completed initial installations and are making our products available to all pharmaceutical and basic researchers globally. We will use the funds from our recent financing to further accelerate commercialization and establish the Biodesy Delta System as a fundamental tool for next-generation protein analysis and drug discovery.”

At the Society of Laboratory Automation & Screening Annual Meeting, Biodesy and its customers will present two podium presentations, a customer-led tutorial on January 25, and multiple poster presentations on data from the Biodesy Delta System. For more information, please visit or SLAS Booth #1549.

About Biodesy

Biodesy is developing the first products and systems to rapidly and inexpensively measure both protein structure and function in real time, with applications including drug discovery, structural biology, and clinical biomarkers. Biodesy has developed a unique and highly sensitive technology for detecting conformational change in proteins and other biological molecules. Its technology, based on a phenomenon called second-harmonic generation (SHG), can monitor structural changes at any site within a protein, in real time. Since protein function is determined by its structure, and changes in structure cause changes in function, characterizing these changes will provide significant insights into human disease and how to treat it. Biodesy is located in South San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit

The Biodesy Delta System is for Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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