Introducing the Biodesy Delta

Measure protein conformational change in real time and high throughput and transform your understanding of protein structure and function. The Biodesy Delta is easy to learn, simple to run and can be applied to a wide variety of proteins and interactions, making it accessible to every scientist.


Biodesy Delta System

Biodesy Delta

  • Measure sub-Å conformational changes of proteins in real time under physiological conditions
  • 384-well based instrument with automated liquid handling for walk-away assays
  • High throughput (1000+ samples per day)
  • Capable of using multiple compound plates to enable flexible experimental design, including multiple ligands or complex interactions


Biodesy Delta Assay and Screening Kits

Biodesy Delta Assay Kits include our proprietary plates (384- or 1536-well format), well surface coating reagents, and the Delta instrument pippet tips. Features of our assay kits include:

  • Easy-to-use automated protocols for rapid sample preparation
  • Compatible with a wide range of proteins, independent of mass or structure
  • Compatible with a wide range of interactions, including fragments, small molecules, antibodies and protein complexes
  • Proprietary 384- and 1536-well plates (New Product!)
  • ANSI standard compatible for robotic integration
  • Barcode allows for easy linking of baseline and end-point during offline assay manipulations
  • Unique lipid bilayer surfaces for native, Histidine- or Avidin-tag protein tethering
  • Proprietary labeling reagents for easy protein labeling (amine or thiol)

Biodesy Delta Assay and Screening Kits

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*Sample Rate read times calculated on Delta System assuming a single read 
with no delay and no on system injections. Assay preparation time is excluded.

Biodesy Delta Software

  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Flexible, visual set up enables straightforward design for complex assays
  • Real-time data visualization: see results as they occur
  • Easy to interpret results and simple data export for further analysis
  • Access software remotely to share data or design experiments at your desk

Biodesy Delta software