How to Access Our Technology

The Biodesy Delta™ measures compound-induced structural and conformational changes of biological molecules with high throughput (384- or 1536-well) and low target biomolecule consumption, compared to other structural techniques. Utilizing orientation-sensitive second-harmonic generation (SHG) technology, the Delta detects very subtle (sub-Å) changes in a target biomolecule’s structure to help you gain structural insights earlier in the drug discovery pipeline.

Opportunities to Engage

Services that Harness Structural Changes to Meet Your Drug Discovery Needs


  • Identify new chemical matter that binds to a target of interest, including difficult-to-drug targets
  • Differentiate compounds by induced structural changes: binding mode
  • Evaluate dual effect of two compounds against a target of interest: order of addition
  • Measure protein-protein interactions
  • Drug protein complexes

Customized Services

  • Assay development for a variety of targets, including challenging target classes
  • High-throughput screening (>100,000 drug candidates/week) to detect on-target interactions
  • Evaluate mechanism of action: antagonists vs. agonists; allosteric vs. orthosteric
  • Characterize differences in binding-induced structural changes among a series of molecules
  • Protein design for enhanced assay development


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